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Art & Design Portfolio Making - Myths cleared! - 1

Dear Parents and Visual Art & Design aspirants. This blog is written with an intention to clear some of the myths around the process of making a portfolio for college admissions. Having trained students for Art & Design college admissions for more than fourteen years, I often come across parents and students who have numerous questions about the process of portfolio making. In this blog and following ones I will try and answer most of the questions that pop-up for students and their parents at the onset of this exciting journey.

What is the right time to start the portfolio making process for Art & Design School Admissions?

The day you decide your career path to become a Visual Art Practitioner, that is the right time to start your portfolio making process. We recommend parents and students to start as early as class eight i.e. fourteen years of age (college admission process for India and abroad happen in class twelve or equivalent). However, this should not be mistaken for the prescribed duration of portfolio making. More time you spend creating Art & Design more clarity you get in terms of what direction you want to take. Some students decide very late in the day and hence we have had candidates who pulled-off a college admission portfolio in a matter of two months as well.

So, the journey of portfolio making is a journey of self discovery. More work is always an equivalent of more clarity about oneself and the path you want to take.

If I intend to take admission in an Art & Design college, is it compulsory to take Art & Design as my board subject in IB, Cambridge, CBSE or ISC?

It is not a compulsion to take it as a board subject. However, it really helps. Say, you have six board subjects. You will obviously divide your time amongst all the subjects. If Art & Design is one of them then you already have a dedicated quantum of time for it. Also, the work you do for your boards can be planned smartly to fit both, your college admission portfolio and the board submissions. Over and above that you may need to do a few more pieces (the number of extra pieces depend on your board) to complete your portfolio. This means a little extra time to be given to Art & Design Portfolio than other subjects.

Some boards like ISC and IB gives you some components that can totally encompass your portfolio work. So, taking it as a board subject really helps.

In the following blogs we will try to answer some more questions that have come to us over years. Please feel free to ask yours in the comment section below and we will try to cover it in our next blog.

Wishing all a very exciting and enriching visual art journey...

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